When Flowers Were I n Bloom

When Flowers Were I n Bloom


evening notes ...


"How are you Mary? Hope you have a great day."

Saturday night, at around 10, I was in my back porch smoking a cigar and having a drink. Across the street neighbors had a fire going and were roasting marshmallows. I guess it was a fellowship of Christian women. They were singing hymns and such. I was listening to Al Green on my music box surrounded by my flowers and chimes.  Occasionally the chimes played soothingly as a breeze caressed them. It was a beautiful night. The moon hung like a pearl above the roofs and beside it, because of an astrological occurrence, Mars shone bright like the Star of David.

So there I sat smoking my cigar, drinking my tequila, letting my thoughts drift into space, when the women began to pray. I lowered my music, turned out my cigar, and listened. An older woman led the prayer and soon others joined in. Their voices rose to a crescendo, and my heart broke, and I also prayed.They prayed for healing of church and family members. They prayed for the worlds healing. I prayed for you, for your family, for me, that He would hear me. I prayed His will be done despite I wished otherwise. There I was in the dark, on my porch, in the midst of this crazy, weird, beautiful moment, praying.

I hadn't spoken to God in some time, but this wasn't planned, and it wasn't for me, and it just happened. After a while a hush fell over the gathering, until a gust of wind brought them out of their deep meditation. They hugged and there was laughter and hallelujahs. I remembered my walk with the Lord, though it seemed like a century ago, and a longing came over me. This was a hallelujah moment, and I reflected on my life as I stared into the vast universe and listened to their songs of worship. The moon, the Creator's unblinking eye, shinned its light on me, and it was good.

Mary, I sat there for a good bit thinking of you and how much I love you, but more importantly, how much our Father in heaven loves you. I felt mom and dad's presence and all our loved ones and it brought me peace.  Mary, I'm here for you, but the most wonderful thing is the Great Comforter dwells within you. He will always be there.

Well, I just wanted to share my moment with you. And you know I love you more ...

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