When Flowers Were I n Bloom

When Flowers Were I n Bloom


Happy Union: A Path To Enlightenment

Happy Union, Texas
at the waterhole north end of grandfather’s farm
where Kirby keeps his cattle.
It’s evening and a hundred and ten degrees.
Barbas de Oro is whooshing in south of El Rio Grande.
The chaparral throbs and the cornfields rattle like pissed-off snakes.
I float in a pond, listen to killdeer and scissor-tails.
Frogs plop in the water and ripple after ripple
pass through me.
I’m a buoy connected to Yahweh.
My head bobs in the swish\swoosh
body of water and I muse –

if Jesus is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent;
if He is here at this moment,
has He counted every hair on my head;
if He knows me completely,
and I know Him,
having consumed  body

and drank blood,
if He is here, now,
does He ascend in golden plumes,
arms raised, palms turned outward,
pale face, blue-eyed, and blond;
or, is He in the water
dark, shiny as a stone;
hair raven and in curls,
eyes black and catholic?

“Well Rabbi," I begin,
"It’s like this --”

We talk late in the evening.
Just me and Jesus
-- neither here nor there --
in the heart of Texas,
in a slow spiral,
our heads bobbing
in the swish\swoosh
body of water.


  1. love this..

    outstanding writing..

    share with us if you wish. we are open until 10pm, American central...

  2. gracias

    been a good thing
    sharing with u guys

    peace & love
    my brother


  3. Jingle10:50 PM

    spiritual talk helps.
    well done.

  4. when i finally saw my rabbi
    as fully human
    he became real
    of flesh & bone
    & i fell in love with him
    it was a spiritual awakening

    thanks for the read

    much love


  5. Anonymous4:14 PM

    Okay its official now!
    You have got a fan!
    I don't know but there is an unsaid honesty in your poems that adds to the flow to make it a further interesting read.


  6. ah brother
    u make me happy

    a good moment
    to sleep on

    & all that good stuff


  7. 9/7/2012: Enjoyed reading this hermano...again. You've changed it a bit, but it still brings back memories of our childhood, some good, some not so good, but through it all Uelita doing her thing at the window chanting to Barbas de Oro to bring us some much needed cooler air.
    I think what I remember the most, on the nights that we spent there, was the howling of dogs in the distance, the crickets chirping away, lightening bugs twinkling away all over the place, the smell of Uelito smoking his cigarettes and Uelita in the kitchen as the darkness seemed to envelope us in a soft, secure cocoon.
    So long ago, but all it takes to see it all again is to just close my eyes for a second and I'm right back there again.
    As I said before, an enjoyable read. Hope to see you writing more. Be blessed!

  8. As always sis,
    thank you much.

    May you always walk in the light,

    El lobo. :)

  9. Cathy in Albuquerque1:46 AM

    Well, Estewolf, here you are again. This reminds me of one of yours, though I can't remember the title...of swimming in a watering tank in Texas. Your voice is as strong as ever. :)

  10. Cathy so happy to hear from you. Are you posting anywhere. Where can I read your poems? Do you still have my e-mail? Let me know if your on a poetry board, so I can message you. Like seeing an old friend again. Peace & love Cathy. Later ...

  11. of course "you're."

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