When Flowers Were I n Bloom

When Flowers Were I n Bloom


And It Was summer

One night,
as I smoked a cigar in my backyard,
the old lady from across the street
walked over with her pit bull
and complained about the smell.
“You smoke mucho marijuana,”
she said pointing at my Backwoods.
“It’s a cigar,”  I explained.
“No,” she said, “You stop.”
“Listen, your dog barks all night long,
do I complain?”
“You stop,” she demanded.
I said, “I stop when he stops.
Whatever his name is.”
She said, “Doe no.”
“You don’t know his name,”
I asked.
She said, “Doe no.”
“Don’t know,” I asked again.
“Doe no,” she replied.
“Wait a minute, his name is Don't Know?”
“Doe no,” she said as her freaking dog
took a crapzilla on my lawn.
She gave me the bony bird,
and marched back to her fort.
There after, every morning
I’d find a steaming pile of dog shit in my yard.

One day,
I planted jalapenos in the enriched soil;
and when the plant was full,
I picked and gave them to the old lady.
It was summer and days were long:
bees buzzed the honeysuckles,
children played in the fields,
wives giggled like high school girls,
old men played cards,
and young men serenaded their sweethearts.
The old lady walked across the street with Don't Know
and brought ice cold horchata.
We sat by my garden and talked  about the old country,
and the breeze made circlets of her hair,
and Don't Know barked at passersby,
and I smoked my Backwoods.

And it was summer and dreams were long,
and bees buzzed the honeysuckles,
and children played in the fields,
and we sat in my garden,
by the jalapeno plant,
and drank horchata
and let evening light
wash over us. 


  1. Anonymous11:48 PM

    Once again big brother I like totally enjoyed this poem. It was lots of fun to read and I could actually see the old lady`s face and hear the dog barking and then later I could hear everyone talking during a summers evening and feel the breeze through my hair. Good, very good.

  2. thank u
    little sister

    may u always walk
    in the light ...

  3. Anonymous10:12 PM

    This was just awesome. Not just the writing itself, but the peaceful resolution. Very wonderfully told!

  4. thank u much for the kind words
    truly appreciated
    as u might know by now
    i found your blog recently
    i'ved enjoyed ur poetry & writings

    through jingle
    i've found other interesting poets
    a good community there

    thank you

    peace & love
    & all that good stuff

  5. Anonymous1:35 PM

    es un sentido tan linda,
    una cuenta que nos mandas con claridad y *grace.
    Me encanta mucho.
    Irene la Frijolita

  6. muchas gracias
    mi frijolita
    el frijolito
    mas chulito

    paz y amor


  7. Anonymous1:32 PM

    Hey :) thanks for dropping by my little corner, glad you liked my story about Stella..and I'm double glad because it gave me the opportunity to come here and read you work...and wow! You write with a very descriptive quality that puts the reader right there in the poem. This poem I'm putting the comment under was one that really jumped out at me..exremely well written..absolutley love it :) And many others too.. I shall carry on reading. Thanks again, and write on! :)

  8. thank u
    my brother
    i enjoy ur work
    & will continue
    to read u

    peace & much love
    in ur life